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QH Chef for a Day Challenge Sherif Sabry

Each month, QH chooses someone to be a Chef for a Day. He or she will work under the keen eye of a master chef, cooking carefully selected recipes that you can prepare at home.

This June, The Torch Doha General Manager Sherif Sabry accepts the challenge and delivers his very own recipes becoming Panorama’s Chef for a Day.

The venue
It’s always a pleasure to visit The Torch Doha. The hotel’s architecture is stunning – revolving restaurant! Cantilevered pool! Fifty floors of the most comfortable and luxurious accommodations!

It is also a place where the staff is thoroughly professional as they warmly serve their guests at the hotel’s cafes and restaurants, known for their delectable dishes. The Panorama restaurant with its sky-high views was the perfect venue for this month’s Chef for a Day demonstration.

The challenge
I have been to The Torch a couple of times but this was the first time I met the hotel’s general manager, Mr. Sherif Sabry.

I have to tell you that he was more than ready for this challenge, and to be observed by the keen eye of Executive Chef Krishnalall Beeharee and judged by his discerning palate. Mr. Sherif was so ready that he confidently showed up at the kitchen wearing a chef’s apron with his name on it saying: Chef Sherif Sabry.

GM Sabry has a fantastic sense of humor and absolutely everyone was laughing out loud at the Panorama while watching the challenge. The views from Panorama are stunning; if you haven’t been there, you should go as you’re missing one of the best views and restaurants in Qatar.

GM Sabry and Chef Beeharee kept up a steady stream of jokes in the kitchen, but they still managed to have the three-set menu ready for judging. They also took time to offer me one of their signature mocktails to try, the Orange Lemon Mint. It was one of the best mocktails I have ever had and it was not even part of the challenge. The orange made a huge difference in the flavour and taste. Now I have another good excuse to come back to The Torch Doha.

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