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Ramadan Flavours at The Westin’s

Words by Luciana Cunha Franca
Selected Images by Jessie Palanca

The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa concocts a delightful concept that promises to give your iftar and souhour a taste of heaven. QH Team experienced its authentic regional flavours first-hand.

If you were at Westin Hotel last year for Ramadan, you know you can expect nothing less than the highest quality and the most exciting flavours delivered with the hotel’s stellar five-star service in every single detail.

This year, the Westin promised to present something beyond expectations in a new dining concept.

This Ramadan, step through the doors of The Westin Doha’s Arabian Food Bazaar inspired by the colors and patterns of the Arabian night skies. Take a culinary journey through the Gulf, traditionally a crossroads where East meets West and the flavours of both combine for a world-class gastronomic experience.

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