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Santa Monica Breakfast Club

Daily. West Coast comfort food brought to Gulf shores with a healthy kick and a SoCal Smile. A new introduction to the Doha vibrant scene, Santa Monica Breakfast Club is bringing the laid-back Santa Monica vibes along with a new energy boost to the city. Santa Monica Breakfast Club, transports the essence of the iconic LA County, known to boasts a friendly, social, open-minded environment and a healthy living mentality. Feel like having comfort food any time of day in a chilled-out place? Our concept, like both our staff and menu is FUN! Join us in the only place where you can forget about work, kick-back, be yourself, and socialize amongst friends. Everyone is welcome at Santa Monica Breakfast Club, we invite you to come as yourself and let us treat you to a slice of SoCal atmosphere Why not have breakfast all day every day?! Santa Monica Breakfast Club geolocation is 25°22’38.1″N, 51°31’40.8″E. Website is SantaMonicaBreakfast.Club, phone number is 77982395 and email:, Visit:

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