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Going Green with Eco-Entrepreneur Ghanim Al Sulaiti



Ghanim Al Sulaiti is a man with a mission. At only 26 years old, the Qatari tunnel engineer is trailblazing an innovative business niche in Qatar with his increasing portfolio of environmentally and socially responsible companies.

Driven by his passion for conservation, sustainability and community, the co-founder of Qatar’s first vegan café, Evergreen Organics, has also recently introduced the first Qatari owned eco-friendly beauty homeware range, Botany and several other pioneering businesses. With other exciting local and global projects on the horizon, this innovative ecoentrepreneur is redefining Qatar’s business landscape and inspiring a new, younger generation to ‘go green.’

Ghanim Sulaiti

How would you describe yourself ? Green business leader? Eco-warrior?

I would describe myself as a conscious living being that wants to create change in my community – a person with passion and love for the environment. I’m very eager to instigate change by providing alternatives and innovative, sustainable solutions. My aim is to help the community thrive on this
planet without affecting more creatures and the environment.

How did you become interested in the eco-friendly business sector?

I’ve always been very interested in the impact that humans have on the environment and conscious of health and well being. Once I became more aware of what was going into my body, I became interested in creating solutions and ideas. These have transformed into business concepts because I want to share my ideas with the community and offer sustainable, eco-friendly options to the consumer. My main interest has come from personal experience in changing my own lifestyle. It’s a passion I want to share with people.

Where did your passion for the environment come from?

I’ve always had a passion for nature and well-being. Growing up, I had a strong connection with the earth and grew plants and trees. More recently, my interest developed when I started reading about veganism and plant-based diets. I became more conscious of the impact that plants have in our lives and didn’t realise the importance until I started eating a plant-based diet. I saw the positive change in my body and health. Now with modern technology it’s more important than ever that we keep a connection to the earth. It’s the way we’re supposed to live life. My health and wellness journey is a continuous path – I’m always learning and eager to explore new concepts

“I’ve always been very interested in
the impact that humans have on the
environment and conscious of health and
well-being. Once I became more aware of
what was going into my body, I became
interested in creating solutions and

Do you see a growing trend for eco-friendly businesses in Qatar?

I think it’s the future. We’re seeing the negative impact that our choices are having on the environment. We’re becoming smarter and more conscious about environmental issues so I’m sure that this business niche will expand in Qatar. The Qatar National Vision 2030 promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility. I always encourage new businesses to think of their impact on the environment and society.

What do you think of Qatar’s current attitude towards environmental issues?

I think it’s great! Yes we have a lot of work to do but there’s now more emphasis for eco-friendly business and practices. New and exciting business initiatives are coming up. I do think there’s a long way to go but we’re definitely on the right track – I’ve seen major changes over the past few years and it’s getting better. We live in a very sophisticated environment so the best thing we can do is to reconnect with the environment and become more aware on issues.

Ghanim Sulaiti-Botany

Tell us about your newest eco-friendly business – Botany. Why did you start this beauty and homeware brand?

I’ve always had a passion for botanical ingredients and love understanding their importance in our lives. Plants can heal the body and environment. I’m always excited to read more and include plants in my lifestyle and diet. Becoming a vegan made me aware of the products I use on my skin and I wanted to provide an alternative product that is 100% organic, ethically sourced using recycled glass and packaging. Also, every time you purchase a Botany product we donate 10% to my Good Vibe Foundation which provides healthy, vegan meals to underprivileged children in Cambodia.

You’ve expanded your business into the global market. Describe the concept behind Vibe Asia.

I was always travelling to Asia as part of my journey to research plant-based lifestyles around the world. Asia has been a huge inspiration for me. I found there was a lack of healthy, vegan food and I was presented with an opportunity to open a café there for the local community and travellers. The café is the first of its type in Cambodia and we are hoping to franchise the concept throughout the whole of Asia.

What does your future hold?

I’m always passionate about creating new concepts and ideas. I’m very eager to expand my business across the globe to inspire more people to adapt to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Recently I’ve opened a new factory, Papercut, which produces eco-friendly packaging and launched Evergreen Kitchen which provides vegan, wholefood products to supermarkets in Qatar. I want to give back to my community – I’m in the process of creating a new investment company which helps other businesses develop eco-friendly ideas. I’m extremely excited in moving to the next step and to see what the future holds for me.


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