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The fitness world has rapidly become more popular and trendy in the past eight years than ever before. Eating healthy is also extremely fashionable in the modern day, with new diets being developed every few months. And with the growing popularity of healthy lifestyles and all round wellness, comes the need to create new exciting ways to achieve fitness goals and the ideal body type. The perceived monotony of a daily 05h00 or 17h00 gym routine is no longer enough to keep even the most dedicated of gym bunnies hooked. Hence the development of the many fitness studios that offer alternative ways to achieve results in a more dynamic way that is better suited to the individual’s ideal workout environment.

For those who seek a quieter way to cultivate body awareness, self-regulation and a higher consciousness along with physical development, there are at least four different types of yoga. For those who require constant movement, high levels of endorphins, pulsating beats and a full body workout, there are dozens of HIIT workouts. For others who can only get motivated when exercising with a friend or in a few strangers, there are numerous group orientated fitness classes. If your preference is being outdoors, there are trail runs, hikes, cycling and road-running – the list is lengthy. My point is there are no excuses, because there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re pregnant or recovering from an injury – or even a little older, there is something for your fitness requirements. We should all be striving for a healthier lifestyle.

“As soon as I strapped on the 2kg footwear and began balancing on the spring-like oval-shaped stilts, I was intrigued.”

My own fitness routine is so exciting these days, I find myself more motivated than ever. This week I added a fun new 45-minute workout to my fitness schedule. It’s a Kangoo Power class using Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, and it’s available at Anytime Fitness in Mall Of Qatar and Bin Mahmoud. The basic premise of Kangoo Power is derived from a fairly modern style of exercise called rebounding.Rebounding is a type of elastically leveraged low-impact exercise usually performed on a device known as a rebounder, which is a form of mini trampoline similar to regular sports or athletic trampolines in its functionality.


As soon as I strapped on the 2kg footwear and began balancing on the spring-like oval-shaped stilts, I was intrigued. Firstly that I could actually balance on the shoes without falling over and secondly at how comfortable I was at this height. The footgear is a cross between wheel-less roller blades and a small trampoline boomerang. The class itself was electrifying, led by Lucilla Ridolfia, the highly-skilled Italian instructor with boundless energy. It’s a thoroughly intense cardiovascular workout, which targets leg strength and the overall core. The pulsating dance movements combined with the rebounding effects of the springy footwear and the built-in weights are an ideal way to burn calories while protecting the joints from chronic fatigue. There are more than thirty documented benefits to rebounding exercises, which highlight the low impact on joints and effectiveness of the workout for circulation and heart health.

There’s a lot to be said for the uniqueness of Kangoo Power, it adds colourful variety to an exercise regime whilst being a highly effective and fun way to train. There are ladies only as well as mixed classes available, if you haven’t tried it yet – I suggest you jump right in.


About Ntando: Ntando Stemmet is a South African entrepreneur and marketing specialist with a keen interest in fitness, health and sports. She eagerly pursues a balanced life with particular focus on overall wellness in modern lifestyles. You can read her lifestyle blog and follow her at @ntandostemmet.