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There’s no denying that soldiers and the special forces are some of the fittest people on earth. More so than some elite athletes. When there is a possibility of being engaged in hand-to-hand combat or being required to travel on foot for days to find safety, you’re not going to risk your fitness levels being sub-par, because your strength and endurance might end up saving your life or the life of a fellow soldier. Now imagine the grueling levels of body condition, cardio and strength training that men and women in the military have to undergo. That was my experience this month at the Military Fitness training facility in West Bay.

It began with a bomb, a grenade to be specific; all Military Fitness training is done by actual soldiers, and not just fitness instructors. Their approach is to train you as if your life depended on it. Sometimes it does. I know family members who were told by doctors that if they didn’t lose weight and make life changing health decisions, their lives would be cut short due to various health conditions. The Grenade workout is held on weekends from Friday to Saturday. And it’s nothing short of explosive. You must know by now that I enjoy cardio and am only now beginning to warm up to strength and endurance training. The combination of  the two plus a bonus grenade explosion during your workout is a total thrill. You never know which side it’s going to come from, it gives you a similar pensive anticipation that real soldiers must feel on the battle field, because you never know which side the enemy is going to strike. Ok not quite the same because your life isn’t in danger – but it’s interesting to imagine.


The Battle Room sessions, which include high intensity cardio as well as strength training are a signature workout at Military Fitness. This workout had me pumping muscles, burning calories and really feeling the intensity of my workout and every muscle I was sculpting in the process. At some point I shed an involuntary tear because the soldiers are relentless and they don’t allow you to slack off or perform below your body’s capabilities. I kept picturing my goal chart (yeah, I have a body goals chart) and visualising myself ticking off milestones from my chart and it made the torture I was subjecting my body to worth it. There’s just something about jumping over a wooden block into a squat position and hurling a massive rubber tyre across the room that made me feel like a badass, ready for battle.


Other sessions at Military Fitness include Ab-Domination, which strengthens your core and Switch-Fire which will have you boxing, jumping and contorting yourself into all sorts of positions as if you’re actually on fire, R.I.O.T is the incredible outdoor class where you run until you’re on autopilot and are no longer in control of your legs or even your lungs. Needless to say, it’s my absolute favourite of the workouts. It takes place in the scenic Sheraton Park. The view of the skyline and the lovely fountains in the park are a welcome distraction from the endless pain the soldiers are inflicting on you. Training like a soldier is a very unique experience, that GI-Jane “save the- world” mentality stays with you the entire day. We could all do with a little of that.wait – maybe you are on fire!


If you’re new to Military Fitness you’ll receive a free seven-day trial for any class you select.

1 Session QR 100
10 Sessions QR 800
20 Sessions QR1 500
30 Sessions QR2 100
40 Sessions QR2 600
50 Sessions QR3 000

You can also get a body analysis on the Tanita machine for QR100, which will tell you your weight, BMI, muscle mass, body fat and water weight.


Ntando Stemmet is a South African entrepreneur and marketing specialist with a keen interest in fitness, health and sports. She eagerly pursues a balanced life with particular focus on overall wellness in modern lifestyles. You can read her lifestyle blog and follow her at @ntandostemmet.


Find it: Military Fitness is located at Palm Tower B, 56th floor, Section 1, West Bay. For more information visit
or call: 5503 0532.