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The Lowdown

Being one of the top spas in the city and located at Four Seasons Hotel Doha, it comes as no surprise they deliver the best in the industry. And this month, we tried a facial that could potentially change your life, the way it
did to us. If you’re a beauty aficionado and appreciate a good facial, then you’d know a truly luxurious treatment is worth a buck or two. And because we’re here to give you the lowdown of it all, we jumped into trying the spa’s famous and most luxurious beauty facial: Biologique Recherche. Yep, you’ve read that right. A true niche French brand that everyone covets, and yet, so rare to find.



The signature facial treatment by French luxury-skin care company, Biologique Recherche, offers a personalized skin assessment with a customized treatment using the best combination products. The facial not only feels lux on your face, but also,
benefits the tone of the skin delivering an immediate and luminous complexion. As we entered, we could feel the facial would be top notch, so we laid down, trusting the esthetician to take control. To begin the facial, our face was deeply cleansed, followed by a several
masks, and later, enhanced with a state-ofthe- art face remodeling, which provides subtle doses of electrotherapy to shape and mould. Also, our knowledgeable esthetician added a neck, scalp and face massage. Our treatment ended with some magical toners, SPF, lip balm
and spot treatment if needed.

What’s More To It?

At the spa, not only facials are offered, but also, body massage, body scrubs, spa rituals and seasonal treatments. The facilities at the spa also offers a spacious changing room divided within ladies and males, and fully equipped with pools, Jacuzzi
and 11 treatment rooms, also with hydrotherapy facilities. So if you’re lusting for a body massage, or whatever you’re up for, the prominent hotels offers an array of treatments.


The Round Up

After finishing our luxurious facial that seemed to be an eternity of relaxation, we concluded our treatment by unwinding the last bit at the spa’s relaxation area. And if you’re looking for a
younger version of you and with a luminous complexion, then this facial is for you.

FIND IT: Spa & Wellness Centre is located at Four Seasons Hotel Doha, The Corniche. 

Spa treatment hours are Monday-Sunday from 9am-9pm

Call: 44948888