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Sheraton Grand Doha Unveiled a Patisserie Masterpiece; Marks the Debut of Their Bespoke Luxury Wedding Cakes

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel unveiled a one-off patisserie masterpiece that history has never seen before. The cake, which is in the form of peacock, was designed and created by the hotel’s guest chef – Hong Kong-based chocolate and pastry artisan Chef Thomas Lui – to introduce bespoke luxury wedding cakes at Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel.

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The concept behind the culinary wonder is a peacock emerging from the egg, as the egg symbolizes life. “The whole showpiece came from chocolate eggshells of three sizes,” explains Chef Lui. “The lower half of the body is an open egg shell covered in gold; depicting the peacock emerging from it. Peacock represents royalty, nobility, luxury and prosperity. The use of rich colors like red and gold is in parallel to the regal weddings happening at the Sheraton Grand Doha,” he added. Chef Lui took ten days to create the cake and one month to build the concept around it.

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The peacock wedding cake that was revealed yesterday is made of 25 kilos of premium chocolate from France and is embellished with 86 Swarovski crystals, 60 locally-sourced pearls, and 620 edible gold and silver feathers precisely cut into thin slices. “Qatar has a history with pearls and the use of pearls on the cake make the representation of this bond,” says Saeid Heidari, General Manager of Sheraton Grand Doha. “Weddings at Sheraton Grand Doha has been connecting many generations in Qatar and are known for their exclusivity. This is an attempt to make it even grander,” he added. “Brides getting married at the Sheraton can tell their story though their cake for a more personalized experience.”

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The cake is open for sale at $10,000 at the Sheraton Grand Doha and is showcased at hotel lobby for the next five days.


About Chef Thomas Lui

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Chef Thomas Lui is one of the most celebrated pastry chefs in Hong Kong and one of the most awarded in the world. He specializes in cakes and pastries, and is very passionate about chocolate art. Chef Lui has won many prestigious awards around the world including IKA international Culinary Olympics. He has been designing cakes for over four decades and is an expert in creating bespoke original designs to tell stories through his exceptional edible works of art. Chef Lui has been specially invited at Sheraton Grand Doha to present a concept cake exclusively for weddings.

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