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Staying Positive and Focused During Rough Times



No matter who we are or what amazing accomplishments we have achieved, at some point along our journey we all face trials and adversities. One of the things I have learned over the last few years is to work consciously to improve my outlook on life – regardless of its grueling obstacles. With experience and techniques, I have developed an attitude that over time has become significantly consistent, one I can now look at the world with a positive set of eyes. But more importantly, I have trained myself on how to stay positive and productive during tough times, too. One of the techniques I constantly practice for a healthier outlook on life, is to ask myself meaningful questions such as:

What is one positive outcome out of this situation? What opportunity am I gaining out of it?

During a tough season, instead of asking: Why is this happening to me? I switch the question around to: What is this suppose to teach me? I have worked hard to cultivate a positive environment for myself, which has become a game-changer. I make active choices with whom I spend my time with as these people are key influences on my daily actions. With that said, to stay positive it is fundamental to have motivating influences in your life that will support and up-lift you and not drag you down. These positive people I call energizers and I do my very best to stay away from the drainers. When stressful times rise, it’s very easy to lose perspective and create problems bigger than what they really are. Keep in mind when getting too overwhelmed to simply breath. And when having negative and destructive thoughts, take a step back to analyze the situation. Practice breathing, inhale and exhale and expand your lungs fully. Focus on your breathing technique for a minute or two; this will calm your body and mind.

Refocus and ask yourself: Will this matter in five years, or even five weeks?

Also, exercising regularly, eating and sleeping on a productive level helps to keep a positive mind and body. It may sound obvious to you, but keeping up with a healthy routine is also key to a positive lifestyle. Be mindful of basic habits that in the end, have a massive impact on your daily decisions. Start your day with things that will encourage and boost your energy, as this, will dictate your energy for the next 24hrs. Perhaps, start your days by having an uplifting conversation with a family, or friend; listen to an inspiring YouTube video over breakfast, or on your way to work. I write positive post-it notes to myself, which I stick on the wall and read every morning before I leave home.

Furthermore, stay present in the moment as you mindfully move throughout your day. This will only make it easier to tap into positive emotions, even if we are experiencing chaos. When you get lost in the past or future, like so many of us often do, we can get caught up and raveled with anxiety. Failures and mistakes from the past being replayed over and over in your mind, can also cause a negative impact and wear us down. And remember, being in touch with your emotions is a great way to be aware and act accordingly.


About Miss Shefa

Miss Shefa is a Communications Professional and Life Coach. She uses her platform as a
Motivational Speaker, Corporate Wellness advocate and certified Yoga teacher to empower people
who are seeking to live to their fullest potential. Shefa is the creator of Swalif, a weekly Instagram
live show where real conversations meet spirituality and conscious living.
When Shefa isn’t caught up in coaching-corporate wellness land, you can find her on her yoga
mat, or making turmeric lattes, or possibly training for the occasional mountaineering adventure.

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