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Often when we’re striving to reach our fitness goals, we plan to work as hard as we can for as long as possible. This is a strategy that has been used by many trainers and fitness enthusiasts all over the world and it makes perfect sense, the harder you work – the closer you get to your goals. However, with the modern day technology we have available to us, it’s possible to work hard in just the fraction of the time and still see visible and measurable results. One example of technological breakthroughs that compliment a training regime is Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS).


I was first introduced to this fat-burning and muscle-building method when I was training for my first marathon in South Africa. My trainer advised me to add EMS training to help improve my running times, especially on steep hills by strengthening and oxygenating my muscles. So I was delighted when I discovered that Diva Lounge Spa at the Royal Plaza Mall branch in Doha offers this state-of-the-art training. The 20min EMS workout is equivalent to a 90min of conventional training. Once you are wearing the technical clothing and the electrodes are connected to the electro fitness machine, the major muscles in the body are stimulated simultaneously. The electric pulses penetrate deep into the muscles while you do muscle activating exercises. The technical suit is not very flattering, it’s a little bulky and creates the illusion of rolls as you can see in the photographs from my session.

But lets face it – time during any workout is not our most attractive anyway. And if you know your results are going to be amazing, does it matter that your reflection during a private session in the Personal 20 studio is going to be bulky? I don’t think so.

Ntando Stemmet

In the month that I have been using Diva Lounge’s EMS machine, I have noticed my overall training stamina has improved. And because I enjoy measurable statically data, I underwent a body analysis in the Personal 20 studio before commencing the training. I compared the results to the initial outcome and discovered a 2% improvement in my muscle density. I already have a lot of muscle in my body due to the amount of exercise I do, but a 2% increase with using the machine once a week for a month is quite significant.

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EMS training is suitable for people at any fitness level, whether you’re a professional athlete looking to improve your performance, a full-time mom working on your figure or a fitness enthusiast who already has a solid routine. The pulses are adjusted by your trainer during your session to match your personal threshold and you then workout at that threshold point to get maximum stimulation for your body. If you’re not already thrilled by the fat burning and muscle building capabilities of EMS, as well as the fact that it only takes up 20min of your day then you’re quite difficult to impress, but I still have more to share about EMS.

The EMS devices are equipped with a special program that effectively treats the symptoms of cellulite. Yeah, that’s right, this machine has you covered from all angles. As some of you know, cellulite is developed by the weakening of connective tissue. As the fat cells accumulate between the skin and the muscle tissue, visible bulges appear mainly on the thighs, gluteus and abdomen. This tissue is stimulated at a lower pulse depth, which increases circulation and triggers the release of waste products from the problematic areas. Pairing this with the involuntarily increased muscle work and heightened metabolism, the energy consumption of cells and with proper diet, weight loss and body shaping can be achieved.


Ntando Stemmet is a South African entrepreneur and marketing specialist with a keen interest in fitness, health and sports. She eagerly pursues a balanced life with particular focus on overall wellness in modern lifestyles. You can read her lifestyle blog and follow her at @ntandostemmet.

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