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Turkish Airlines Hosts Ramadan Suhoor Event

Turkish Airlines’ Qatar office has held a Ramadan Suhoor event for its media partners. The event took place at the Shangri-La Hotel at West Bay. The evening was led by Mehmed Zingal, General Manager of Turkish Airlines’ Qatar office.

Turkish Airlines has taken the opportunity to celebrate Ramadan and strengthen the existing connection with the local media community in Qatar amid the spirits of the holy month.

Commenting on the occasion, Mehmed Zingal, said: “We are delighted  to come together at this gathering and celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan together with the local media community and hope that our relationship continues to grow and prosper.”

Turkish Airlines values and cherishes the relationship it has with the Qatari market and its people. It will continue working towards improving these relations to coexist harmoniously with all its partners in Qatar.